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Child Support Calc

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Calculates child support using gross income data, medical and dental deductions and applying the latest tax withholdings to arrive at Net Resources. Calculate with ease and refer to the applicable law (Texas Family Code - Chapter 154) for further guideance.
Features include:
* Calculates yearly income to determine monthly income
* Computes monthly income to determine monthly net resources
* Calculates hourly income to determine monthly net resources
* Calculates and computes self-employment income
* Computes other income as additional monthly net resources
* Computes Net Resources available for support calculations
* Computes and calculates income deductions - (Medical, dentals expense or cost)
* Multiple family child percentages computed
* Texas Family Code - Chapter 154 quick excerpt reference
* Save calulations for later reference

A quick and easy way to calculate child support for your yearly, monthly, self-income or hourly wages.
The information contained herein is not legal advice nor should it be construed as such. Attorneys should refer to the Texas Family Code or applicable state rules governing the practice of law. By using this product, no attorney-client relationship is created by the provider and owner of this guide.
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