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Version: 1.2
Category: Games
3 day(s) ago
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ColorFold is a puzzle game that's all about folding and moving coloured ribbons - sounds easy, right?
Move the ribbons in order to fill all checkpoints with the right color. Overlap ribbons, use barriers as a strategic advantage or use the mirrored ribbon, which copies your moves, to make it to the very end. Or use the new oneway-gates and tunnels to complete all 101 levels.
But I don't want to spoil it all - check it out for yourself, especially if you're into challenging puzzles!

- 101 unique, brainteasing levels
- Universal app with iCloud saves
- Taptic Engine support
- no ads
- no microtransactions

Happy folding!
The last update was all about bug fixes - this one is all about content.

- Added three new game mechanics:

1. Tunnels - Enter one tunnel and you reappear at the other one.
2. One-Way Gates - You can only pass these in the direction shown by the arrows up top.
3. White checkpoints - These checkpoints can be checked / filled by every color.

- Added 15 new levels (and 15 new hints), for a new total of 101 levels
- New starting animation
- ...and some performance updates.

As always, if you enjoy this update, or ColorFold in general, please consider writing a review + rating.
It helps a lot!

Thanks for playing