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RePT- Reverse Pyramid Training

Version: 2.6.2
Category: Health & Fitness
11 hour(s) ago
Price: $15.99

Based on 104 reviews. (104 reviews)
RePT is a minimalistic app for logging your progress in the gym.
It was mainly built upon a Reverse Pyramid Training routine written by Martin Berkhan.
But after a lot of feedback, I decided to make it more customizable. 
You are free to customize RePT to work with whatever routine you want!

RePT includes some really sweet features such as:

Workout Logging
Workout Timer Notifications
Warmup Helper
Workout Rules and Patterns
Plate Calculation
Exercise Notes
AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
.. and more to come!

If you want to read about the RPT protocol that the included routine is based on you should give the leangains site a visit:

Thanks for using RePT!
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