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Math Games PRO

Version: 1.2
Category: Games
10 day(s) ago
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Sharpen your Math skills in an entertaining and challenging way with 11 counting games in a single app! Try to complete our homework/challenges or create your own Math homework!

You will never fail at school in Math again!

Each game has its own highscores system, so don't forget to submit your score at the end of each game and see points of other people from all around the world! (No registration needed.)

Our Math games app is suitable not only for kids but also for their parents and people of all ages that want to practice and improve their Math skills in a fun way!

Download once and play all the games from one place + get all the future games for free.

There is also a stats section, the perfect way to check how your children are progressing in each game included!

Our Math Games PRO contains also a HOMEWORK section, in which you can try to complete 64 predefined homework or create your own homework!

Create your own homework - create your homework for your children, students and friends! Go to a homework section, and tap on a 'ADD HOMEWORK' button. Choose a game and set how many points must be achieved to complete the homework. Then just set your password, so the homework can not be removed and save it! All the homework
will be stored in your phone and you can check later their status! If you want to remove the homework, you must enter the password that you set for each homework.

Education has never been such fun!

Games included:

* True or False - decide if the formula on screen is correct or not

* Find Result - find the result of the formula shown on screen

* Find Formula - find the correct formula leading to a result shown on screen

* Two Numbers - Tap on 2 numbers to get the result above the board

* Crush & Count - remove the group of blocks of the same kind and then solve the formulas above the board.

* Math Tiles - there will be two formulas shown at the bottom of the screen, decide which one is correct and tap on it!

* Hidden Numbers - similar to word search games - find all the numbers above the board as fast as possible!

* Adding Grid - by adding the numbers on grid get the numbers above the board

* Adding Grid Pro - similar to Adding Grid, but this time no help provided

* Math Test - mark all the correct formulas as fast as possible

* Math Connect - addicting brain exercise to practice adding

Game Features:

* 11 different puzzle and math games in a single app (more games will be added later)
* Complete Math homework/challenges or create your own homework
* Beautiful HD graphics
* Global and local leaderboards included - see your personal bests and points of other people from all around the world
* Review your progress and other stats!
* Improve your Math and counting skills in an entertaining and challenging way
* Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
* Collect and submit your points - more games you play, better overall score you get

Have fun with our educational game Math Games PRO and if you like it and want to see more free features, please support it by rating it and leaving some comment, thank you!

If you find any bug or have any question, please let us know at

Support links:
* A new section 'Homework' added! Try to complete our challenging homework or create your own homework! All the homework are stored so you can review later their status. Perfect way to prepare some entertaining and challenging homeworks for your children, friends or students!
* When creating new homework you can setup a password. Without this password you can not delete the homework.
* The difficulty of predefined homework is set from easy to hard. There are 64 homework in total.
* You can play a random game directly from the first screen
* Added a new pic browser in which you can see how each game looks like before you play it
* Minor bugs fixed and UI improvements