iPoe Vol. 3  – Edgar Allan Poe
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iPoe Vol. 2 - Edgar Allan Poe
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Miffy's World
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Petroleum Engineer Pro

Version: 1.2
Category: Education
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Petroleum Engineer Pro is a comprehensive tool developed for oil industry professionals. It has over 100,000 searchable items related to oil rigs and their operations, as well as a reference of geographic rocks and minerals. Petroleum Engineer operates offline on your iPhone or iPad.

Over 100,000 searchable items
Compatible with IOS 10 and up.
A complete dictionary of terms and symbols related to oil rig operations
An interesting and comprehensive history of the petroleum industry
Images and explanations of the use of oil rig equipment
A growing resource of geographical rocks and minerals

If you any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us through Facebook, Instagram or by email.
Search for more than 100,000 words, with more coming.
A fresh new UI Design that makes browsing even easier
Light and dark mode for your reading comfort
Rich pictures and graphics
A Comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety section
Training photos related to safety environment that show with a situation is safe or not.
More than 1000 Stop Cards (including location, Safety Observation and Action to be Taken) for the oil well industry - we will be adding more. 
A dictionary of over 1500 safety acronyms
Photos of Mobile Crane Hand Signals 
Added basic formulas -  more will be added soon.