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Smash Puck
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Physio Pal

Version: 2.4
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
10 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

Not rated
Physio Pal is an exercise app aimed at physiotherapy, exercises, Tai Chi and other list/detail applications.

It has a voice synthesizer built in to talk you through the movements of your selected exercise to free up your hands and eyes during the exercise.

A built in time programmable delay permits each movement to be defined by you and completed on time for the next movement.

Each exercise and list of movements is entirely under your control. You can create, add, remove, move and edit each of the exercises and movements to suit your personal needs and desires.

Have fun with this very flexible app.
Changed the exported file to Exercise.exl and tested the App's import capability to share exercises with friends.

No other changes.