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KB-1 Keyboard Suite

Version: 1.3
Category: Music
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Price: $9.99

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KB-1 MIDI Keyboard

KB-1 is a suite of expressive virtual keyboards and controllers designed for a multitude of scenarios.

Play multiple instruments simultaneously, complete with MIDI Polyphonic Expression, scales, chords, strumming and more.

- 8 distinct Keyboard Layouts
- Multiple Rows per Keyboard
- Multiple Octaves per Keyboard Row
- 15+ Scales (for layouts that support scales)
- MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
- Standalone operation with multiple Keyboards and dedicated MIDI outputs per Keyboard
- AUv3 MIDI Plugin

- Classic (Piano Keys + Wheels)
- Uniform (Seboard-style Keys and Layout)
- String (String-style Keys)
- Scale (Uniform layout with scale support)
- Chord (One key per chord for all scale degrees)
- Drum (up to 16 user mappable drum pads)
- XY (up to 2 configurable XY-Pads)
- CC (up to 16 user mappable knobs for CC control)

- Glide (horizontal)
- Slide (vertical)
- Velocity (mapped to y-axis)
- Pressure (iPhone only)

App Connectivity:
- Standalone
- AUv3 MIDI Instrument

MIDI Connectivity:
- Inter-App MIDI
- Network MIDI
- Added new Arp Modes Pedal Up, Pedal Down and Pedal Up/Down
- Added Arp transpose mode (appears with the arp enabled)
- Arpeggiator Variation control now adds ratchets in addition to repeats as it did previously
- Added an option to limit the number of MPE channels used (useful for synths that only have a set amount of voices like the OB-6)
- CC Layout now supports buttons in either toggle or momentary mode
- Standalone: Added Ableton Link support
- Standalone: Tempo control can now be tapped for a direct input prompt
- With the Arp running in Chance mode, probability can now be set using the Variation control
- Scale and Root selectors now support popover selection
- Fixed an issue where Pitch- & ModWheel would always transmit on channel 1 when using the AUv3 plugin
- Fixed an issue where using the Chord layout and Arp would not work properly with latch enabled
- Fixed an issue where the Arp timing would not respect sample rate changes
- Fixed an issue where the Arp mode UP/DOWN2 running over multiple octaves would repeat the first note of every octave
- Fixed an issue where the Arp mode UP/DOWN2 would not work properly with just one note active