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Birdie for Twitter

Version: 1.9
Category: News
3 day(s) ago
Price: $4.99

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*Top Tweets First*

Unlike Twitter, Birdie shows the best and most important Tweets first. This means that you never miss what's worth reading, even if you have limited time. Tweets that are already read are automatically moved to the 'Seen' section, allowing you to focus on what's new!

*No Bots*

In addition to highlighting the best Tweets, Birdie also surfaces the best replies. This means you don't have to scan through the noise and low-quality bot Tweets in order to find interesting exchanges. This makes your Twitter experience much calmer and higher-quality!


Birdie lets you focus on the most interesting people in the 'Favorites' section. Think of it as your iPhone's VIP contacts, or the people on speed-dial. Always easy to access with a single tap!

*Personalized Trends*

Ever wonder why something you have no interest in keeps popping up in Twitter's trends? With Birdie, you don't have to! Birdie automatically finds what's trending amongst the people you follow and interact with and highlights that first!

*The Best News*

Birdie highlights the best news articles from your timeline that match your interests. You can focus on reading news right in Birdie's distraction-free news section, which means you don't have to hop between Twitter and some other news app!
This update brings an amazing new News section. Birdie was already great at surfacing the best articles from your timeline and other sources, but we now take this a step further and bring you excellent analysis and interaction options for each article, right in the News Feed! We've also worked hard on polishing the UX - you'll notice cool new animations & haptic feedback, and can now customize the App Icon per your preference. Finally, we've added 3D Touch functionality that lets you perform key actions via the App Icon!