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Horaci The Inuit

Version: 1.0.1
Category: Education
7 day(s) ago
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Not rated
"***Based on the Horaci the Inuit TV series***The Northern Lands are the home to glaciers, igloos, codfish and lots of Inuit like Horaci. Today, he and his friend Sedna are going to look for a very sweet treasure: a box of sweets that Resh, a shaman who is equal parts wise and scatter-brained, has hidden… so well that now he simply cannot find it. Horaci and Sedna will have to follow the clues that will lead them to the treasure, collect the items they need and escape from danger whenever it appears! They will ask their friends from the village for help… but they will also come upon the legends of the forest like the Lulak and malevolent evildoers like Mister Rudolph. Join them on their adventure, learn about the Northern Lands and their inhabitants… and maybe you will even get a treat!

-Interactive Ebook
-Original music
-4 languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French)
-Improves children's mind stimulation
- Improves children's reading and comprehension"
Improved performance