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Print Checks Lite

Version: 1.22
Category: Finance
2 day(s) ago
Price: $7.99

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The Print Checks series of apps is the only iPhone/iPad app that allows you to manage your checkbook and print real checks right from your iPhone or iPad!

This Lite version is our entry level app that is targeted for home users with a single bank account who want to print basic business or personal size checks using blank check stock. More advanced users should check out our "Pro" version on the app store which has many additional features including multiple accounts, logos, pre-printed checks and much more.

Features of the Lite version include:

-- Print checks/deposit slips and manage your personal or business bank account.
-- Universal app, works on all your devices (and you can share the same database)
-- New "Standard" personal check format, just like you get from a bank.
--.Print Deposit Slips on blank paper/deposit slip stock.
-- Integrated store for all your check supply needs.
-- Face/Touch ID login.
-- iCloud Database Backup.
-- Reporting/Graphs.
-- Categories implemented and allowing split transactions.
-- Convert original Print Checks backup file to the new format so you don't lose previous data.
-- Backup files are shared across your devices.
-- Does NOT require special magnetic ink, works with standard ink-jet ink.
-- Super simple to use.
-- Works with any AirPrint compatible Inkjet or Laser printer.
-- Select payee from your contacts.
-- Save common transactions as "Favorites" for quick recall.
-- Printed checks align perfectly with 2 window envelopes to simplify the mailing of checks for your home or business.
-- Supports 3 per page check paper, as well as single check paper (3/page recommended as you can just insert unused checks in the printer).
-- Supports personal and business size check stock.
-- Backups are compatible between versions. Backup your PRO database to iCloud and you can restore it to this one.

See the actual example checks and deposit slips in the pictures, these were printed on blank check stock / blank deposit slips.

Requires an AirPrint compatible printer, and blank or pre-printed check stock to print checks. Visit our support URL for more information on AirPrint and printers, and how to get yours setup properly.

- Minor bug fixes