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Version: 1.1.9
Category: Utilities
11 day(s) ago
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Charts4Azure graphically displays Sensor Data stored in the Cloud (Azure Storage Tables).
The App displays 4 graphs of analog data (e.g. Temperature) and 4 graphs of On/Off data.
The App requires the data to be stored in a special way.
So this App is only useful for users who have (or are able to make) IoT-Devices which are able to store their data exactly in this needed structure in the Azure Cloud.
If you are not a software developer yourself or can rely on data that are written to the Cloud in exactly the required format, this App may be useless for you.
The data-structure of stored data is discribed in the App itself and on the App's Web Page:

The App contains a function to automatically create populated Sample Tables in the Cloud. So you can quite easily achieve a correct data structure.

Note: Microsoft Azure Storage Table service is required to use this App.
This App is not provided by Microsoft Azure service.
Azure (TM) is a Trademark of Microsoft Corp.
Bugfixes Darkmode and Timezones