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Stopwatch+ for Track & Field
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Mindfulness Calendar 2019

Version: 1.0
Category: Health & Fitness
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Make 2019 count! Be more mindful, day by day!

Mindfulness Calendar 2019 will help you to stay mindful throughout 2019, day by day! Each day starts with an inspiring quote and a 3 minute medidation routine. Of course, all exercises are tracked in Apple Health.

Make 2019 different, make 2019 count, make it your year! Reflect, relax and refuel with more than 365 quotes, unique routines, and 12 beautiful art backgrounds - all exclusively created for this app by Berlin-based artist Christin Penz.

Be inspired and share it with others: Mindfulness Calendar 2019 comes with 12 inspiring stickers! Share your energy in each and every iMessage you send.
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