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Thank you for your interest in Cantons.LU Application.

Cantons.LU is a service designed for tourists and citizens of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg with the aim to provide a social platform (organized by regions) and improve Events & Social & Business Communications within any canton.

Users can find/upload information on Cantons.LU App, web-site, Facebook pages, participate in discussions, upload events make reservations or buy tickets online etc.

The goal of Cantons.LU service is to create the bridge which connects the residents and promote the business & social activities within each canton in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Find events by canton, by topic, by calendar/date and by map
View Facebook pages of each canton
Find friends to visit events in your canton.
Upload your events for free
Get directly to the page of your commune/web-site news feed for cantons/ video channel Translate to 14 languages

If you are an interested in development of our services or would like to collaborate with, please contact us by e-mail
New cantons and categories added