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Miffy's World
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Site Safety Audit

Version: 1.0
Category: Productivity
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Keep your Construction Site Compliant!
This app creates a PDF report that you can share within your OH&S reporting structure, and tradesman onsite. This App enables you to generally record current an existing conditions of your work site, enabling you to record and ensure that the Construction Site Complies, and to take action on the non-compliant items. This App Audit Report will help you continue to ensure that your site complies with Victorian OH&S Act & Regulations, and Council Requirements and Legislations in your local area.
This App has been designed to suit OH&S Victorian State Legislation, but can be used as a guide in all other states of Australia

Key features include the following,
• Very quick and easy to use
• Pre-loaded checklist template
• Additional items can be added
• Take photos of onsite conditions
• Write brief comments
• View, Print and email
• Creates a PDF report
• Creates a Compliance Certificate
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