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Naturally Detox

Version: 3.0
Category: Health & Fitness
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Application Features:

• More than 70 drinks divided into three categories: Wake up, During the day and Bedtime
• Easy and quick drink preparation
• All recipes use healthy ingredients

• Easy creation of a Weekly Plan: Through the day of the week or through the list of drinks
• Possibility of selecting a drink for one day or the whole week
• Classification of drinks (ranking) for an easier later selection
• Possibility of selection of drinks by set of ingredients
• Possibility of searching by name of the recipes
• Detailed description of the preparation phases of each recipe

• Weight and Fat Mass monitoring
• Notification system so you do not forget to drink your drink, eat a healthy snack or start the physical exercise

• Works with AR - Augmented Reality

Our goal:

Help create a plan to prepare healthy drinks for detoxification, hydration or simply personal motivation. We have the notion that everyday life is stressful and the importance of taking care of our body. This application provides more than 70 drinks capable of detoxifying the body and making the day healthier.

Personal Motivation: This application may be the first step you need to change your day-to-day routine and start a healthier diet and life.


• Reduced fluid retention
• Improving sleep quality
• Helps the digestive system
• Speed up metabolism
• Weight loss aid
• Promotes health and well-being
• Elimination of toxins
• Increases sense of well-being
• Improvement of skin, nail and hair

This application does not intend to create a diet plan. If you are considering starting a diet, consult your doctor first.
Implementation of AR - Augmented Reality