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Damaged Photo Restore 2 Repair

Version: 1.3.1
Category: Utilities
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Repair your damaged photos by removing scratches, rips, even the big ones, cuts, dirt, stains and many other imperfections. If you got damaged photos, even not necessarily old photos, this professional tool can restore them to an almost pristine condition by using newer improved algorithms. This new version is easier to understand, faster, more efficient and it is able to remove many more imperfections*.

Remember that Damaged Photo Restore 2 does not only repair damaged photos, it can even hide objects, text and other unwanted stuff.

# Has been in the Top #10 Utilities in more than 20 countries worldwide!

- Remove scratches, rips, even the big ones, cuts, dirt, stains and more;
- Can repair both old, aged photos and newer ones;
- Can remove imperfections from any image;
- Can hide objects, text, persons, etc;
- Can repair missing parts from the image (such as walls, landscapes, etc);
- Up to 3x faster processing*;
- 4 Tools:
-- Replicator;
-- Auto Mask Generator;
-- Manual Mask Editor;
-- Smooth Tool;
- Intelligent Auto Mask Generator algorithm able to detect faces;
- Able to Replicate complex background patterns;
- High precision mode;
- Easier to use and to understand with a deep and guided in-app tutorial;

In comparison with Damaged Photo Restore & Repair (1).
This app can repair almost any photo, however if the photo is too much degraded the result might not be optimal.

By using the app you accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy available at
A subscription is required to access all the app features.
June 2023 Update:
- New commercial model;
- Bug fixes and improvements;
- Updated for iOS 16.2, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series;
- Now Tutorial does not erase edits;
- Added Landscape mode on iPad;
- Supports the Apple Pencil;
- Improved app smoothness;
- Added save permissions check;
- Added the possibility to Undo the Replicator draw even before applying it;
- Added video of the month.