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Snapshow - Show some, not all

Version: 1.20
Category: Utilities
2 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

Not rated
Ever handed your phone over to your friends or colleagues to show pictures from your photo library? Next thing you know, they have accidentally swiped past the intended photos, and possibly end up seeing something embarrassing or private.

Snapshow allows you to import your photo library, select the desired images, and show them to your peers. The app locks the selected images on the screen using desired method of protection (FaceID, TouchID, or passcode). The screen can only be unlocked by you— preventing others from stumbling upon your private moments.

- Imports photo library
- Select multiple items
- FaceID / TouchID / Passcode / Custom password
- Zoom/Pan
- Lock persists across multiple runs of the app

Baked with love.
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