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The WoodStepper is a sequencer having both audio and midi out.
The audio sources can be the track audio, sampled audio or the built-in VCO's.
The VCO notes can also be set by the Chordulator which finds chord notes in a live stream or recorded track.
It consists of 4 independent 8-steps sequencers which can be linked to a 16, 24 or 32 steps sequencer.
So WoodStepper can be used as a 4-track looper/sampler.
Each step can also send 4 midi messages (note on, CC, …) to 2 midi channels.
The audio part for each sequencer has a pitch (down) shifter, (Moog lowpass) filter with ASR envelope, saturator, amplitude ASR envelope and delay line which can all be set independently per step.
The app can be used stand-alone (device audio input and output) or as a plugin in a DAW.

The manual can be downloaded from :

- IOS plugin type : AUv3, IAA and stand-alone app.?
- Has 4 independent 8-steps sequencers.?
- Sequencers can be linked to form 16, 24, or 32 steps sequencer(s).?
- Each sequencer can have a different timing.?
- Steps can be disabled for non 4/4 patterns.?
- Each step can send up to 4 midi messages (+ all previous notes off) on 2 midi channels?
- Midi note-on values can follow a midi received ground note.?
- Audio sources can be the track audio, sampled audio or 3 VCO's (per sequencer).?
- Sampling can be armed (per sequencer) with a button or a midi in CC.?
- Each sequencer has it’s own gain, clipping led and brick-wall limiter.?
- VCO’s have the usual waveforms and can be FM modulated.?
- VCO frequency/note value can be set with a midi in note-on.?
- Polyphonic mode sends 4 subsequent note-ons to the 4 VCO’s.?
- Each step has a pitch down shifter.?
- Pitch shifters have a glide control.?
- Pitch shifters can be set to a random value (out of a list of scales).?
- Pitch values can be harmonically locked to the Just Scale or the Equally Tempered Scale.?
- VCO + Pitch can be limited to a specified key + interval scale (e.g. C Major Pentatonic)
- Each step has a 4-pole Moog Lowpass filter with resonance and ASR envelope.?
- Steps have an additional high-pass filter and a saturation control.?
- All steps have an ASR amplitude envelope and a step gain.?
- Each step has its own delay line with independent timing, feedback, and filtering.?
- Step audio and delay can be panned independently per step.?
- Sequencers can be started manually or started when Playing (transport) starts.?
- A “Play 1 Step” button allows to finetune step settings?
- An “All Steps” button allows to set the same parameter value in all steps.?
- Has a global Dry-Wet, Input gain and Output gain control.?
- Presets can be stored in iCloud Drive (makes them available on all your devices).?
- Presets can be switched with Midi Program Changes.?
- Major controls can be set with Midi CC messages.
- Midi Out can now also be sent to the DAW (previously only to External midi), which makes WoodStepper now appear as a midi source in e.g. AUM.
- Chordulator now has a Direct Midi Out function (independent from the step timing).
- Cpu load reduction of up to 50% when using Delays and the delay time is the same for all steps (new Advanced setting)
- WoodStepper stand-alone is now a visible (external or virtual) midi dest endpoint.

- fixed crash bug when using the Chordulator and Midi Out.
- fixed display of received midi note.
- fixed display of Midi out settings when running