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Highway LCD Retro game

Version: 1.0
Category: Games
1 day(s) ago
Price: $0.99

Not rated
Highway LCD Retro game is an '80s arcade-style game of retro classic arcade games from the '80s and '90s, developed to look and feel like LCD screen classic arcade games.

Best retro arcade game, bring back your '80s childhood retro video games, just like the handheld games and old school arcade games you used to play growing up.

Highway LCD is a game where you pick up girls from one side of the road and drop them off at the other side. Avoid getting hit by the obstacles which come up as you proceed. Drop off three girls and win a bonus game. If you win you get an extra 100 points and another spin. Crash three times and it's game over.

Now with the Highway LCD Retro game, you no longer have to struggle to play your old time favorites. Share this game with your friends and families; this will bring them into tears!
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