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KidsCard - RAZ kids Reading

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2~3 years old is the outbreak period of the baby's language. At this time, continuous English input will have a multiplier effect. Bilingual reading includes more than ten series of domestic animals, wild animals, underwater world, birds, insects, body, dinosaurs, fruits, vegetables, figures, shapes, etc. Xiaobian is fasting and adding more exciting content to the baby, so stay tuned !

Baby Bilingual Reading Card is specially designed for English babies from 2 to 3 years old to create an immersive English environment for your baby:

[1] Remove complex vocabulary and select 100 commonly used simple words
[2] Optimized physical map, no messy background, protect baby's vision: Research shows that 2~3 years old baby is more suitable for viewing physical pictures, enhance the cognitive ability of the world, all backgrounds are solid colors, enhance contrast, highlight key points, Protect your baby's eyesight
[3] Interesting sound effects, the little babies are most sensitive to the sound, the animal's voice, the car rumbling, the child's laughter, the popular virginity, strengthen the baby's cognition, and continuously input interesting things to the baby.
[4] Featured recording and reading function, baby loves to play
[5] Add it is.... (this is ....), I love..... (I like), I wanna.... (I want), i am good (I am good) and other simple English sentences, Guide parents and babies to communicate in English in their daily lives
[6] Baby can correct his pronunciation, very fun, baby likes it!
add Insect and Body cards