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Simply Cards - Loyalty Cards

Version: 2.0
Category: Shopping
5 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

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Make more space in your wallet. With a few clicks you can digitalize all your your cards, from loyalty cards to business cards and credit/payment cards.

Keep you personal data and purchasing habits safe. With Simply Cards your personal and cards data are kept safe in your device only.
+ No card use tracing.
+ No personal data or position tracing.
+ No limitations in number of cards that can be added.
+ No advertising.
+ Pay once and use forever.

+ Add any type of card, without limitations, just by taking a picture of the card.
+ Add card front and back with auto detection.
+ Modify the size and orientation of the images
+ Add a note with the security of biometric detection
+ Tag the cards to organize them in three categories
+ Add a card from a picture in your device
+ Select the display mode you prefer
+ Open up your cards in an easy and intuitive manner

+ Interact with your cards with the “scan” facility reading the text and proposing the possible actions:
++ Copy on clipboard
++ Call one of your contacts
++ Write an email
++ Open a web page
++ Add contact to your contact list

+ Share your cards:
++ AirDrop
++ Messages
++ Mail
++ WhatsApp

+ Make your cards interact with the facilities:
++ Save Immagine
++ Salva on file
++ Print
++ Copy
++ Modify and add cards at any time a few simple steps

Forget about bulky wallets and yet keep all you need at hand

You will always have your professional network available. Digitalize and interact with your business cards.

Your documents and cards will always be with you, and you won’t need to panic if your wallet gets lost or stolen

Keep a safe note of your payment cards’ PIN. Just a few seconds to get the PIN of the payment card you are using.
- new user's experience for: home page , card details page and add/edit card page
- now you can run OCR scan on your card and interact with them