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Game Dev Story
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Note - Beautiful Notes App

Version: 1.2.0
Category: Productivity
7 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

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●● Simple & Modern Notes App ●●
Please first install and try! Because the app size is small!
This notepad is a new app that incorporates the familiar iPhone experience and the latest iOS design.

● Features
Notes are automatically saved without pressing the Save button.

The number of characters in the notes (memo) is automatically counted and displayed. In addition to the number of characters, the number of paragraphs is also displayed.

You can easily categorize by tagging notes. Add tags freely, such as "Shopping" or "To Do"!
Notes with tags are automatically classified like folders, making it easy to find.
You can choose colors and icons for tags, so make your own original tag!

You can share the memo contents by exporting them from the notes form top button.

● Simple
You can start using it immediately with a simple operation.
It is a notes (memo) app with a beautiful design because it omits complex functions.
With the usual iPhone-like feel, you can use it intuitively.

● Modern
A beautiful and modern design that matches the latest iOS is adopted.
The screen animation is smooth and vibrates in small increments when the button is tapped.
There are a lot of ingenuity that makes operation fun!

Please review this app when you can.
Remove Ads.
Fixed minor bugs.