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Sport Running PRO

Version: 1.1
Category: Sports
5 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

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Sport Running PRO is a new application with all existing functionalities of the 1st version : allow to retrieve your sport statistics for the day, weeks and months like counter of steps, distance in meters and miles, kcal and maps geolocation. 
In this new application most oriented health, you are the possibilities to manage your health datas with scientific charts to see your counter of steps, distance, kcal your heart rate datas : to see a global vision of your health. 
Possibility to track your location with the iWatch module during your running, you track your performance of steps and your personal heart rate on a map : your counter of step and heart rate are visible on your iPhone with the complete map.
The complete chart of heart datas and kcal are very interesting for cardio training. Included the possibility to manage your consumption of waters with customizable notification and complete chart of consumption of water.
Possibility to switch to Health data sport statistics or Device measurements statistics. Remark : this version is complete with all modules and without publicity.
Possibility to retrieve your sports statistics with your health data register in your iPhone or in your iWatch.
Possibility to configure the new option in the Settings screen.