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Version: 1.0
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StickText personalizes your iMessage experience!

Type your text in iMessage the way you already know how, and watch StickText bring your conversations to life!

• Use Custom Fonts & Colors!
• Convert your own words & Emojis into Stickers!
• Send with iMessage effects!
• Add a bubble - or don't - either way works!

Don't just text, StickText!


How to use Stickers:
• To send your message as a sticker, touch and hold the message shown in the preview panel, then drag it anywhere in your conversation. The sticker will automatically send when you add it to a message or image.
• You can also pinch or zoom to resize your StickText before releasing it to be sent.

How to send with Effects:
• To send your message with effects, tap the message shown in the preview panel.
• Then touch and hold the send message button to enter the effects menu screen.
• Choose between your favorite Bubble or Screen effects! Then tap Send!

Pro User Tips:
• Tap and hold the StickText app icon and drag it left to make sure it is always in reach!
• Use your Recents app in iMessage to source your favorite StickText messages!
• Don't forget you can re-size your messages before you tap-to-send or hold to StickText!
• Check out that Dark Mode support!
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