Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds
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Ruler - tape measure length
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dB meter - noise measure
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Black Eye Spin
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Find 24h, Find Friend & Family

Version: 1.4
Category: Productivity
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Find 24h will help you keep loved ones safe, knowing where they are and coming to their rescue if they need you.

- Easily locate family using the phone's GPS
- Know when they leave or arrive a place
- Check in to assure family you are safe
- Text and share images throughout the day
And much, much more!
- Access the location history of any member of your circle on a daily basis.

This app works great for those with an elderly loved one or teenager they must keep an eye on. Never worry again if your loved one is safe from harm, with Find 24h family locator app you can rest a bit easier knowing that you have GPS tracking enabled to be certain your loved ones are safe when away from home.
- Add tutorials for new users