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dB meter - noise measure
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Black Eye Spin
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Simple Step Counter

Version: 1.3
Category: Health & Fitness
6 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

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Smash your daily steps goal with your new step counter buddy.

Getting fit doesn't have to be hard. Small changes to your daily routine - such as increasing how much you walk - can make a big difference.

By encouraging yourself to be more active on a daily basis and forming healthy habits - you can burn additional calories and gain health benefits. Keep your goals simple and manageable - just do more steps than you did the day before!

Be a better you. Step by step.


• Quickly & simply see how many steps you've done today compared to yesterday
• Enjoy your new step counter buddy's reactions
• Receive daily notifications to help build a healthy habit
• Easily share your achievements with friends
• Easily share your achievements direct to your Instagram Story
Bug fixes.