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Version: 1.6.1
Category: Games
4 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

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iPad Pro, iPad Air 4, iPhone X and up.

No enemies. No quests. Just miles of beautiful, natural, untamed wilderness to explore and relax in. Enjoy a world of quiet moments and stunning views, with golden sunsets behind sky-high mountains, flower filled rolling green hills, and frost covered tundra and frozen lakes

- Explore a gorgeous, vast open world wilderness
- A true Open World. Go anywhere, anytime
- A beautiful soundtrack covers many moods as you explore
- Customize your character with hair, hats, outfits and more
- Place shelters: choose from 2 tents, natural rock and a small house
- Relax in a natural and calm stress-free environment
- Ad-free, no in-app purchases or additional downloads
- Take beautiful photos with PhotoMode
- Tons of effects, filters, and options to customize
- A solo indie project made with love
- Run, swim, and fly through deep forests and rolling hills
- Go skating on the frozen lakes of the North
- Feeling anxiety? Take a quiet boat ride along the river
- Fly through the skies as a mighty hawk
- Shapechange into horses, bears, boar, foxes and more
- Ride a pirate ship - fireworks included
- Benchmark with extensive quality options and settings
- Gamepad support

Questions or Comments? :
To reset game: goto Splashscreen-options-reset button.
To optimize: goto Splashscreen-optimize


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Feel free to put footage of my game on YouTube or any other website. It helps me spread the word and reach more people, and I appreciate it.

Thank you for supporting independent games:)
Update 1.6.1
-Gamepad Support
-New Interface + Button Design: Hex
-Dodge Button
-Slower default jog with boost button
-Wagon Shelter
-Memories now saves screenshot
-Increase number of memory save slots from 6 to 40
-Water FLOOD slider
-Camera motion amount slider

Update 1.6
Dungeons and Ruins
- Return to dungeon entrance button
- Splash screen Optimize button with Low Memory Mode - less detailed terrain save memory
- Optimize - Tree density slider
- House painting color and house vine color picker
- Landscaping flatten terrain around dungeons
- Lumino Flame companion for player underground / Also in action wheel
- Meditation Mode - slows down time, in Action Wheel
- Fixed terrain texture graininess
- New Weather system - smoother blends between weather types
- Weather interface - updated options + removed humidity
- Weather types can be skipped
Added debris/dust to weather types
- Current Weather type name displayed in Weather options
- Weather can be edited when dynamic weather is enabled or disabled
- HUD options - show/hide dinged markers
- Context buttons - pop up near various items allowing you to interact with them
- Context button can be positioned to left of screen or beside jump button
- Interactive items have icon dot
- Flames/fireplaces, torches can be lit/extinguished
- Updated Home - larger, new decor
- Animation updates, faster horse, new player jog
- Updated underwater effect
- Dynamic, bouncing hair + new hair options for player
- Witches hat
- Dynamic hair toggle
- Splash screen redesign - world size can be directly selected here
- New music
- Player slows down when inside house
- Holiday box with holiday decor in house: Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas and Halloween
- Variable Procedural noise added to dungeon and ruin texture coverage (snow, moss)
- Updated Shelter UI
- Moths for some lights
- Updated environments - new trees, gras and flowers I south and center
- Updated climate zones to work with different size worlds
- More game customization options
- Windy vines
- Wind “trails” lines off by default
- Ambient Occlusion for dungeons
- Lily pads use wind
- Mirror in house (experimental, newer devices, toggle in options)
- Added world size to saved memories/moments
- Shrooms wont enter house
- Scary emote scares shrooms
- Fixed performance slowdown when northern brown bushes are close by
- Multicolor trees
- Choose World size from splash screen
- Pirate ship fireworks
- ios 11 minimum
- Rock shelter aligns to terrain
- 500+ Bug fixes and updates

Note: Procedurally generated text available only in English due to grammar complexity