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Aquarium Pack

Version: 1.0
Category: Photo & Video
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This app gives you a long conversation. Videos of aquariums in HD, 4K, 3D, VR. Photos of selected scenes. 360 ° panorama photos to move and rotate. Database with positions and information of large aquariums Center with map view and navigation.

Several apps have been added to this pack and new content has been added. For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

- Reef Aquarium (Videos)
- Aquarium Videos (Videos)
- Aquarium Videos 3D anaglyph (for red / cyan glasses)
- Aquarium Videos 3D SBS (Side by Side for 3D TV)
- Aquarium Videos 3D SBS 4K
- Aquarium Videos VR (for VR Headset)
- Virtual Aquarium (Videos)
- Aquarium worldwide (database with positions of large centers)
- Aquarium photos (selected photos, saving possible)
- 360 ° aquarium (360 ° panorama views for turning)
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