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Headshot Camera for Portraits

Version: 1.0.7
Category: Photography
8 day(s) ago
Price: $3.99

Based on 24 reviews. (24 reviews)
With Headshot, it's never been easier to create professional quality headshots using your device!

1) Make sure you have plenty of light!
2) Make sure the background has different colors than you, it helps the software know where you are and where the background is.

Headshot uses advanced algorithms to both enhance faces and also remove and blur background automatically! The entire process takes about 30 seconds and the result images are stunning! Easily share the image to your camera roll and upload to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter and Zoom!

Note: We utilize both the phone's AI processing and remote ML resources so an Internet connection is required.

Step 1: Align your device straight and level at arms length
Step 2: Tap the shutter button - this will take two pictures, one with flash and one without. You can also select a photo from your camera roll instead.
Step 3: Choose which photo looks best
Step 4: We process your image through two separate AI-based filters
Step 5: Choose your background from a variety of colors or choose either the average color or a blurred background of the original picture. Select any background color you'd like by choosing the last option and inserting a HEX RGB value.
Step 6: Choose a border color to make your headshot stand out
Step 7: Share and download a high-resolution image directly from the app to your camera roll or preferred social network!

Have a question, concern or suggestion on how to improve the app? Drop us a line!
We've updated Headshot to make your experience better! Here is what changed:
1. Feathering the headshot against the transparent background to smooth the appearance
2. Introducing a countdown timer so you know when to smile!
3. Enabled the volume button to work as a shutter control so you can easily take one-handed headshots