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PlayTally: Apple Music Stats

Version: 1.2
Category: Music
7 day(s) ago
Price: $2.99

Based on 173 reviews. (173 reviews)
"PlayTally is a statistician for Apple’s music-streaming service that’s practically perfect in almost every way."
Joe White, TapSmart

With PlayTally you are no longer limited to yearly Replay recap; choose your own dates and see your top songs for any time period. And PlayTally lists are generated in real-time, so there’s no more waiting for weekly updates. Plus, you can easily mark tracks like white noise and sleep sounds to keep them out of your Trends list.

Sync PlayTally data across multiple devices through iCloud. Track additional Apple Music devices by syncing them together with iCloud Music Library. Go back in time to see what you were listening to on a given day, and create playlists from your history.

Earn badges as your listen more and grow your music collection. It’s like Activity awards for your ears!

Easily browse large libraries by sorting based on your listening habits. Get insights into your music collection with advanced statistics and charts of your listening habits over time. Share your most impressive stats with your friends and followers.

Works with your Apple Music automatically. No extra accounts, signups or subscriptions required.

Your data never leaves your device and/or iCloud storage and can be deleted at any time. PlayTally uses no third party analytics services and is completely ad-free. If you wish, you can also export and backup your data in CSV format.

NOTE: Because PlayTally tracks its own data, it cannot reconstruct playback history from before it was installed.
Today's update brings a non-descript but very powerful new feature: History Editing.

Now when viewing a song, tap "View History" to call up a list of all of that tracks recorded playback events. You can edit, remove and even create individual play events to fine-tune your PlayTally records.