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Dragon Multiplayer 3D
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Nikola's Pigeon

Version: 1.1
Category: Utilities
2 day(s) ago
Price: $7.99

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Nikola Tesla had a pigeon, that he _allegedly_ loved. This is that pigeon, in digital form, smack bang on your wrist.

This is a stand-alone watch app that currently supports:
- Open/lock doors
- Open/close trunk/boot
- Keyless Driving
- Homelink
- Climate control, turn it on, off set the temperature
- See charging stats and start/stop charging
- Supports metric/imperial units for temperature, range, etc. These are loaded based on the preferences you've set in your car
- Supports multiple cars for those of you lucky enough to have more than one!
- And finally, if you can't find your car you can firm press to honk the horn or flash your lights. Pro tip: don't try the horn in a garage, it's loud!

All this from your wrist, and made by people who use the app themselves every single day.

A Tesla Vehicle, and Tesla account are required to use this app. Your account details are stored in the built in secure Keychain on your watch. They are only transmitted to Tesla's servers for authentication purposes on first login and when your authentication token expires. This app contains no first or third party tracking whatsoever and relies on no third-party libraries. We take great care to respect your privacy and your data remains your data.

This app is not made or endorsed by Tesla
Fixes an issue that could cause the select vehicles page to not show vehicles from your account