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200 Squats Challenge

Version: 1.1
Category: Health & Fitness
6 day(s) ago
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Squat is a lower body exercise used in strength training. The main emphasis of the exercise is on the quadriceps and the glutes, but it also involves the hamstrings, the calves, and the lower back. The squat has the potential for bigger and faster muscle growth than many other exercises.

200 Squats Challenge helps you to increase amount of squats up to 200 at a time in short time with system generated workout plan for 3 days based on your test results.

Do squats for 3 days as per workout plan and take rest on 4th day. Do test squats as much you can do at a time and set your test result. System will generate next 3 days squats workout plan based on your test results if your result is less than 200.
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