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Maze Rider - Auto Leveling

Version: 1.3.3
Category: Music
3 day(s) ago
Price: $7.99

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Balance audio volume or even out levels by using compressors could add in color to your tracks, while drawing automation is a tedious and repetitive time-consuming task. Maze Rider will save you the effort without adding color like compressors.

Maze Rider can balance volume levels on one track or throughout many tracks.
Add AUv3 instances for each track, adjust target handle, and bound ranges. With a few seconds to set up, the riders will manage all tracks at a balanced level.

Built upon a novel algorithm, Maze Rider cleverly raises or lower audio gain based on the specified target. And unlike compressors, Maze Rider adds no color to the music track.

Set varying limits, feed-in various levels, and watch it magically keep audio at the set level.

Maze Rider installs as an Audio Unit effect for hosts that support the format such as Audio Bus, Beatmaker, Garage Band, Cubasis, AUM, etc.

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