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Reeflex Pro Camera

Version: 2.1.1
Category: Photo & Video
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Price: $4.99

Based on 334 reviews. (334 reviews)
Reeflex is the best photography app on the App Store designed for enthusiasts, creatives, and professional photographers! The app provides pro-level DSLR features directly on your iPhone while being extremely intuitive and easy to use.

— Professional Tools for Everyone —

Reeflex offers two main capture modes - the main one for classic still photography and the Slow Shutter modes for long exposure photography - together with a rich set of professional tools for full manual control over focus, exposure, and white balance. The live histograms combined with the zebra stripes allow you to precisely monitor your exposure. The focus peaking is a powerful guide for adjusting the focus on your subject. By a simple two-finger tap on the viewfinder, Reeflex also allows you to independently adjust focus and exposure, moving two reticles across the scene.

Reeflex allows shooting in HEIF, JPG, TIFF, or RAW on all iPhone models. You can also shoot in the Apple ProRAW* format and 48MP*** on compatible devices.

— Slow Shutter Mode —

Reeflex offers the best long exposure tools on the App Store. Enjoy the flexibility of manual controls and watch the picture forming on the screen. Select either Motion Blur or Light Trails modes to make people disappear, give moving water & cloudy skies a smooth silky appearance, or transform busy roads and starry skies into stunning rivers of light. Long Exposure on iPhone has never been easier!

— Honorable Mentions —

Right after its launch, Reeflex was listed as “Must Have APPS - You Never Heard About” by the highly popular iReviews YouTube channel. Reeflex is a top-tier camera app vastly acclaimed among the photography communities, being praised by some as the "best manual camera app" in the App Store. Our apps have been featured across many YouTube channels and major photography magazines (like,, etc).


• Still photography mode with full manual controls
(ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance)
• Automated Focus and Exposure reticles (AF/AE)
• Luma and RGB zebra stripes
• Live luma and RGB histograms
• Advanced focus peaking
• Support for multiple cameras
• JPEG, HEIF, or TIFF as processed formats
• Apple’s ProRAW* and RAW** support
• Wide Angle camera 48MP support***
• GPS location in photos’ metadata
• Gyroscopic tiltmeter
• Extended digital zoom up to 10x
• Integrated camera roll
• Color-blind users' support: customization of focus-peaking colors
• Tutorials, tips, and detailed explanations are available in the settings section


• Motion blur mode: blur movement, from silky waterfalls to dreamy cloudy skies
• Light trails mode: transform busy roads and starry skies into stunning rivers of light
• Wide range of long-exposure capture durations, from 0.5 seconds up to 2 hours
• Bulb mode - select a custom long-exposure capture duration
• Live Preview - allows you to monitor the long-exposure capture


*ProRAW is only supported on iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max.
On other iPhone devices, when the RAW format is selected, photos will be saved in the standard Bayer RAW format.
Note: RAW format requires an iPhone 6s or later.

**On devices older than iPhone 12, hence from iPhone 11 and prior, the RAW format is not supported on the Ultrawide camera

***48MP is only supported on the main Wide Angle camera on the latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
Note: RAW format does only support 12MP.


• If you require support or have any feedback on new features or improvements, please write to us at:

• Follow us @ReeflexCamera and tag #ShotWithReeflex

• Learn tips & tricks:


Terms of Use (EULA):

Privacy Policy:

Reeflex 2.1.1 Update:

• Performance Enhancements: workflow optimization for improved performance, faster processing, and more efficient battery usage.


If you need support, or you have any feedback on new features/improvements, please send us an email at:

For the app tutorial, visit:


If you like Reeflex Pro Camera or any of our apps, please take a moment and leave a review here on the App Store. We are a small independent team and your support is crucial to keep us going! If you'd have any issues instead, reach out to us via email ( and we'll do our utmost to help you out.


Remember to tag your shots using #ShotWithReeflex - we run daily photo contests and provide fantastic giveaways!

Enjoy shooting!