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PCalc - The Best Calculator

Version: 3.6.3
Category: Utilities
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Price: $9.99

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~30% off for a limited time for Pi Fest - see for more details!

PCalc is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.

Includes an Apple Watch app, so you can calculate on your wrist!
Added the ability to export all settings and user data from PCalc into a single file, send that to another device or to somebody else, and import everything again into a different copy. Works between PCalc and PCalc Lite too.
Added an option to the "Advanced" settings to show labels on the buttons for 2nd functions.
Added support for display of UTF-32 characters in the registers / stack section.
Fixed a problem displaying fixed scientific notation with zero decimal places.
Fixed a problem adding the multiply button when editing layouts in non-decimal modes.