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Pepi Doctor
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iKanji - Learn Japanese Kanji

Version: 2.2.3
Category: Education
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iKanji touch is a powerful kanji study and training tool covering over 2,000 JLPT and school grade jouyou kanji.

- Kanji are grouped by grade and JLPT and subdivided into sets of 20 for easy practice.
- Includes 2010 jouyou kanji.
- Reference ‘cards’ for each kanji with readings, stroke count, radical etc.
- Vocabulary browser with JLPT based sets
- Hear vocabulary pronounced using the Japanese text-to-speech facility
- List of example compounds for each kanji.
- Leitner System based spaced repetition Teach Me mode.
- Reading test to quiz you on kanji readings (onyomi and kunyomi).
- Meaning test to practice your ability to recognise the English meaning of a given kanji.
- Compound test to complete words by filling in the missing kanji.
- Stroke order test to practice writing kanji (not available for all kanji yet).
- Search for kanji by readings, stroke count, meaning or radical.
- Ability to create multiple practice sets and track wrongly answered kanji.
- Extras store where you can purchase additional features to tailor iKanji touch to your needs

Please note all kanji readings (onyomi and kunyomi) are in hiragana and katakana only. Romaji is not used in this application.

*JLPT sets are based on kanji usually taught at these levels and are not based on official listings for current tests.
- New dark mode available as in-app purchase from the Extras store.
- Bug fixes and improvements.