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Remote KeyPad for Mac
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ASD Roulette 2

Version: 2.6
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New Roulette! More than 1.000.000 users!!!

Roulette - the most common game in casino. It is the excitement dynamic of games as well as the fantastic prizes, which make it popular worldwide. Many believe in various superstitious and magical factors, the relationship with the devil and of course the role that fate plays! Perhaps they are right - the sum of the numbers on the wheel does equal 666 after all….
Try not to lose your head and just enjoy the game!
The rules are very simple: you put the chips of different value in the playing area and prepare to drop the ball, which then indicates the winning number.
We hope our software will bring you a lot of fun.

Enjoy the game!

Added a lot of changes to adapt the application for modern devices.