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Touch & Copy Character

Version: 2.1
Category: Utilities
4 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

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Touch & Copy Character improves your texting, chatting, twittering and blogging making it more fun!

It displays an awesome list of fun characters for you to use. How does it work? Just touch and go!
When you touch a character it is automatically gets copied, for you to use in any other application, using paste.

Over 60000+ icons, including Emoji

Tap once to copy the icon to the clipboard and paste it in any app!

Tap and hold to order your icons wherever you want!

Requirements: Runs on all your iOS 7 devices

Known issues: When pasting the characters they seem rather small. This is not something that the application can change, it's rather the size that Apple gives to them across all applications. Emoji characters are "bigger", but with this application you can use the characters in all apps, mails, and SMS without limitations.

You can contact me on any questions, doubts, suggestions or bug-reports: or visit me at
iOS 11 Compatibility