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VerseByHeart for memorizing Bible verses & poetry

Version: 2.76
Category: Education
2 day(s) ago
Price: $4.99

Based on 107 reviews. (107 reviews)
Memorizing scripture verses can actually be FUN and FAST! Whether you are waiting in line, on your lunch break, or chilling at the end of the day, this app will help you hide God's word in your heart. It is also effective for memorizing poetry, speeches, quotes, etc. (Please read the fine print before purchasing)

• Memorize any text in virtually any language
• Memorize your favorite verses in your favorite Bible translation*
• 3 progressively difficult drills
• The second drill adapts to how well you know the verse
• You can use the built-in dictation on the third drill (only tested in English, short phrases work best)
• Track your progress and check-off verses you've fully memorized
• Review memorized verses as needed (see the "Recommended for review" category)
• Define your own categories to organize your verses
• Memorize poems, short speeches, movie lines, Bible verses in any version, etc.

* The fine print: This app does not contain Bible verses (except just a few so you can try the app as soon as you open it). To get your fav verses in your fav translation, see 4 methods below.

Four ways to add verses to the app:
• direct entry into the app via iPhone keyboard or bluetooth keyboard (laborious, but a great way to jump-start the process!)
• direct entry on a computer, email it to your phone, copy from email, paste into the app
• lookup the passage via iPhone's Safari (e.g., or YouVersion Bible app, copy verses, paste into the app
• use the batch import/export feature in the Settings to import verses from a text file

This app is not localized, but any language may be used for the text to memorize (however, the third drill doesn't work well with non-alphabetic languages such as Chinese).

What the app doesn't (yet) do:
• sync to the cloud or across devices
• provide a large number of pre-loaded Bible verses

Email your questions, suggestions, tips, and complaints to

Author: Douglas Ivers of One Time Software
Updated for iOS 8+. Fixed a few visual/layout bugs.