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Arabic Eng Dictionary + Keys
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Spell & Listen - talking flashcards for spelling

Version: 5.01
Category: Education
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Hi Parents,

This app will help your child recognize, spell, pronounce and learn more about 550 everyday words to strengthen his/her vocabulary.

It does that by announcing and showing your kid a beautiful, real picture with the letters that make it. As your child touches the letters and spells the picture correctly, the word begins to form at the bottom. When the kid completes the whole word (and even phrases), the word is spoken again in a broadcast quality, studio recorded voice of a professional voice talent. Your child can listen to this voice again simply by touching a completed card. Your child can learn more about the spelled word by touching the 'dictionary' symbol. See pictures below.

This app is suitable for growing kids that know the alphabets and now want to learn more words. It is a nice app for preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary and primary school children.

The words are organized in increasing order of difficulty. As your boy / girl completes a card he / she can go on to the next card simply by swiping to right. Your child can see all his / her completed cards at any time by swiping to left.

1. Simple, clear, to-the-point design focused on learning.

2. 550 photo flashcard word puzzles organized in increasing order of difficulty.

3. Each card speaks in broadcast quality, studio recorded voice of a professional voice talent when it is shown and again when the word is spelled completely. 97 cards play animal sound and sound effects after the word is spoken.

4. Musical short sound is played when correct letter is touched. A car beep is played when a wrong letter is touched.

5. A ‘Star’ and cheering sound is given after completing every 25 words. The collected ‘Stars’ show prominently on the starting page. You can easily see the progress of your child by just looking at the ‘Stars’.

6. Swipe to go to next word picture puzzle or review all previously spelled cards. A musical short sound is played.

7. See dictionary description of the word after spelling it.

8. Easily reset to start over.

Suitable for kids who know their alphabets. Generally preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary and primary school kids of ages 3 to 10 years.

Sai Services LLC is a venture started by a parent and a daycare provider to help educate and entertain children. Kindly search “Sai Services LLC” in your iPhone / iPod touch to find all our apps.

Since it's first launch in August 2009, Spell & Listen Cards has been regularly updated and refined with customer feedback. Kindly send your comments to: . Thank you.
Updated for iPhone7 & beyond