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Doodle Kids 2

Version: 2.6
Category: Entertainment
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Doodle Kids allows kids to draw random shapes in random colors and sizes to create beautiful effects!

You can clear the screen in random gradient background colors, or select a picture from the photo albums as the background. Shake the phone to clear the drawing!

Doodle Kids was initially written by Lim Ding Wen for the Apple IIGS computer when he was 8 years old, and was ported to iPhone. This app is designed specially for his sisters and all the kids in the world!

• Reviews •
One of my fave apps, I'm surprised it is not a top 10 most downloaded app. Seems like it was meant for the iPad with its bigger screen. - app review

Perfect app for keeping little ones happy. The shapes look striking particularly on the black background and you never know what you're going to get. Anyone can create something cool to look at whether you have artistic ability or not! - app review
Improved support for iPhone 11/XS/X screen.