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United States Puzzle Map

Version: 2.6
Category: Education
5 day(s) ago
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Do you know USA map?
Do you want to challenge the puzzle map with fun game?
How about your kid?

United States puzzle map game will help you to learn the map’s shape and name of every state. In main game, touch state map you can see the full name; You need to drag the state map to the correct position, when you drag all state maps to its position, you win. Trivia game is designed for you to memorize better the states’ map name and shape.

Main function:
1. Very fun game to learn USA states map by drag the picture.
2. Main game has three levels. First level has the outline tips, have abbreviation of states. Second level has no outline tips and has abbreviation of states. Third level has no outline and abbreviation tips.
3. Trivia game will random to create the three options for every states map. Once answer is wrong, correct answer will prompt.
4. Main game has game time tips and best record.
5. Added capital test for trivia game part.
6. It's different initial location for 50 states map in main game.
7. Added child to read all 50 states name.

Thanks for your playing and welcome to give me good suggestion.

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