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Advanced English <-> Persian Dictionary

Version: 6.0
Category: Reference
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Get the full power of "Advanced English Persian Dictionary", the world's most comprehensive "English to Persian" and "Persian to English" Dictionary.

- More than 600,000 words, phrases and meanings – more than any other dictionary.
- Play audio of American and British pronunciations. NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED.
- Illustrate "parts of speech" of each word.
- Examples illustrate how words are used and show typical constructions and collocations.
- Illustrate Idioms.
- Create unlimited bookmarks of your favorite words.
- Create bookmarks category.
- Including Thesaurus dictionary.
- History list.
- Quick dynamic search of words while you type.
- Syncing Bookmarks with iCloud.
- Supporting Landscape mode.
- Supporting Multitasking.
- By touching on each english word you can hear pronunciation.
- You can see Idioms in search tab.

در مورد ديكشنري فارسي به انگليسي ميبايست شما بر روي دستگاهتان كيبورد عربي را فعال كنيد براي اين كار وارد ستينگز دستگاهتان شويد و به آدرس زير برويد
Settings > General > International > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Arabic
براي تايپ حروف "پ" "ژ" "گ" "چ" كافيست حروف "ب" "ز" "ك" "ج" را فشار داده و نگه داريد تا حروف فارسي نمايان شوند
- با لمس هر کلمه و یا عبارت انگلیسی تلفظ آن را خواهید شنید
- پشتیبانی از Multitasking
- Idiom ها را در سرچ خواهید دید
- رنگ عبارت ها را میتوانید تغییر دهید