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? Business Card Scanner Pro
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Seul. (Alone): The entrée
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Album Flow Pro

Version: 5.0
Category: Music
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Album Flow Pro is the best solution for replacing the Cover Flow view from your device. It is compatible with all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), so you don’t have to listen your music without Cover Flow.

Since we are not perfect, the application will try to complete your music library with images and informations from the internet.
And does a lot more:

Album artwork download - The application will try to download missing artworks from the internet based on the album and artist name.
Dark Mode - Use dark mode if you prefer the dark side :)

If you have any question about the application, please feel free to send a mail to
New year new version. I have rewrite the application from sketch. It supports the latest devices, with a stunning drank mode.