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SalaryBook - Timesheet and Time tracking

Version: 3.3
Category: Business
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Highly-rated time tracker app, being used by thousands of people every day. Keep track of your worked hours and earnings with SalaryBook, make sure any billable hour doesn’t go unaccounted. Enter your time entries and your pay will be displayed in a variety of formats for easy analysis, including your overtime and break time. It keeps your income and work time in perspective by allowing you to quickly and easily view it in different time periods.

-- What users are saying --
** "Best app for time tracking I've seen yet. Simple to use, flexible, accurate and concise." **
** "I love this app it helps me keep track of multiple clients and jobs." **
** "This app is awesome! I used to fall behind in keeping track of my hours and expenses only to fall short on my own money and now it's so simple for me I actually look forward to it" **

Feature Highlights:
• Set multiple defaults for various jobs.
• All monetary units and date formats supported.
• Timers keep running in background when app is closed.
• Support for multiple work periods on the same day.
• Support for break time.
• Support for overtime
• Support for work-hours which continue into the next day (night shifts).
• Ability to add notes for each work period entry.
• Ability to add non billable time and extra money (e.g. tips).
• Export by email an overview of daily or monthly totals.
• Backup and keep your data safe and restore it later through your Dropbox account.
• Export CSV files to your email account or store them in your Dropbox folder.
• Automatically calculate total earnings since the beginning of the workday, month, or year.
• Animated counter updates continuously as earnings grow, accounting for input variables.
• View charts and reports based on worked time or earnings for any given period.
• View the time worked so far for the current day, month, or year.
• Passcode protection.
• Simple, attractive interface featuring an “at-a-glance” dashboard
• Custom large number pad.

Keep a watchful eye on your time and salary by easily generating daily or monthly reports covering any period of time, giving you an overview of earnings and worked hours. Export for any period of time an overview of all work & earnings details to your email account for archiving or further analysis.

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+ Copy or Move Time Entry
Tap on the date to Copy or Move a calendar entry to another date. When you have time entries that are similar or just need to be moved to another date, this will save you a lot of effort!

+ Layout fixes and bugfixes.