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DrinkControl – Alcohol Tracker

Version: 4.14.0
Category: Health & Fitness
2 day(s) ago
Price: $8.99

Based on 114 reviews. (114 reviews)
DrinkControl tracks and converts your alcohol intake quantities, such as glasses, bottles or cans, into the standard units of alcohol, and lets you know when you are going over the limits (set by moderate drinking guidelines) as well as how much you have spent on drinks and calories you consumed from alcohol.

Track. Measure. Understand. Make a change!


- Monitor your alcohol consumption against moderate drinking guidelines from leading health organizations
- Track your alcohol expenses
- Know amount of alcohol calories in your drinks
- Easily manage your drinks in calendar
- Statistics and charts for week/month/year
- Compare alcohol use, expenses and calories with previous time period
- Get your personal infographic on drinks consumed
- Customize with your favorite drinks
- Export data for use in Excel/Numbers
- Back up your data on Dropbox

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- Added 378ml/schooner size option for beer when UK recommendation settings selected.
- Added 16oz/sleeve size option for beer when recommendation settings for Canada selected.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed bug in drink price entering keyboard that dismissed decimal numbers for some combinations of iOS Region/Language locales.