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Back & Forth

Version: 2.01
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Based on 91 reviews. (91 reviews)
“Essential - The Best Word Search Games for iPad AppGuide” Highest Rating ~

“5 Stars – Essential – A Must-have for Fans of Word Games” ~

“8/10 – It is a fun and intelligent game which is perfect for anyone looking for a brain teasing, pickup-up-and-play experience. I highly recommend it.” ~

Back & Forth is unlike any word game you have ever played. Highly addictive, remarkably innovative this is an entirely a new twist on the word games!

Use the power of gravity, in every direction to dynamically change your board as you spell words forward, backward, vertically, horizontally & diagonally. With a simple twist of your device, gravity pulls on the tiles and drops them in new patterns.

Rearrange your tiles further through the signature “Back & Forth” move where one simple swipe forces two tiles to swap places.

Simple? Yes.
Challenging? Absolutely!

Play as an individual to hone your skills

Or play the 3 Minute Daily Challenge to refine your lightning quick reflexes

Back & Forth features:
» Completely new word game design concept
» Tiles respond to rotation of the board falling and forming new words
» Back & Forth motion to swap tiles
» Single Player mode offers 24 uniquely hand crafted puzzles!
» Daily Blitz offers a new challenge every day where you have just 3 minutes to post your best score online against the world!
» Daily Breeze offers a new challenge every day without the 3 minute pressure cooker, but still play against the world!
» 21 Game Center Achievements!
» 24 Game Center Leaderboards!
» Beautiful custom music and sounds effects by Dren McDonald!
Minor bug fixes