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ConjuVerb - Spanish Verbs!

Version: 3.0.4
Category: Education
16 hour(s) ago
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Based on 101 reviews. (101 reviews)
ConjuVerb is a robust Spanish verb dictionary app that gives you the freedom to find any verb you need, whether it be conjugated or in infinitive form

Rated #1 iOS App for learning Spanish in 2013 "Best iOS App for Learning Spanish" see here:

Featured in Latina Magazine for apps that help you learn Spanish, see here:

ConjuVerb is the #1 app for busy Spanish learners who want to learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs. This language learning tool is easy-to-use and customizable — save verbs for later reference or use the handy flashcard feature. With more than 1,600 fully conjugated verbs in the app, it’s easy to fast-track your Spanish learning!

Don’t take our word for it, though:

“I've downloaded and deleted quite a few Spanish Apps, but this one is a keeper. The flashcards are great! What really makes the program so great, is that it's very customizable.”

“A must-have if you are serious about learning Spanish!”

• More than 1,600 fully conjugated Spanish verbs with English translations.
• Search in Spanish OR English.
• Quickly search any word, even in the conjugated form, to see the Root Verb.
• Contains the Indicative, Subjunctive, and Imperative moods, with all tenses for each mood.
• Save verbs to use later for reference or flashcard testing.
• No need to remember the infinitive form — ConjuVerb searches as you type.
• A customizable interface — choose the app’s background, which verbs you are quizzed on, and more.
• Exclude moods and/or tenses that you do not wish to view. Want to test your mastery on the Indicative mood with Present and Past tense only? ConjuVerb gives the user full control, and you’ll ONLY see those words.

Users love the flashcard function, which makes it easy to quiz yourself and test your progress. Choose from:
• All Words
• Recently Viewed Words
• Your Favorite Words
• Custom Lists (Is a verb giving you trouble? Add it to your custom list and practice until it becomes second nature.)
• Top Lists (We choose the Top 600 Spanish verbs, so you can learn the most important verbs, FAST.)

ConjuVerb has been featured in Latina Magazine and FluentU for apps that help you learn Spanish:

Please contact our development team if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions! We’re passionate about taking the headache out of learning Spanish verbs and will be happy to assist you on your quest to master the Spanish language.

Gracias y esperamos que ConjuVerb le ayude en su camino a aprender español.
Fixed a bug where the imperatives would not show.
Added English First as an option to the flash cards.