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My Graphing Calculator

Version: 2.1
Category: Education
3 day(s) ago
Price: $1.99

Based on 97 reviews. (97 reviews)
My Graphing Calculator brings at your palm the functionality of a standard scientific calculator in addition to powerful functions graphing. It supports complex numbers and complex functions.

? AppAdvice - "Why buy an expensive graphing calculator when you can have one on your iPhone..."
? AppTurbo - "This app is the dream of all students: it allows you to calculate and display functions in a glance."
? App Chronicles - "My Graphing Calculator: Turn your iPhone into a Graphing Calculator."


1- Scientific calculator
? A powerful and easy to use scientific calculator.
? Supports complex numbers. Most calculator apps don’t!
? Calculations are saved and presented in a history tape.

2- Graphing
? Up to four functions can be graphed simultaneously.
? Pinch to zoom and drag to move the graph.
? Cartesian or polar functions can be graphed.
? Graph can be displayed either in portrait or landscape full screen.
? Trace mode is available for investigation of graph functions values.

3- Built in functions
The following built in functions are supported:

abs, acos, acosh, acot, acoth, acsc, acsch, arg, asec, asech, asin, asinh, atan, atanh, ceil, conj, cos, cosh, cot, coth, csc, csch, exp, fact, floor, gamma, gammaln, gcd, imag, lcm, ln, log, log2, logbase, max, mean, min, nCr, nPr, real, sec, sech, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh.

4- Table View
? View the values of your functions in a table.
? Set variable start value and increment to be able to evaluate your functions at any value.

If you have any comments, problems or suggestions, you are most welcome to contact me at
iOS 10 ready.
Support for Slide over and Split View Multitasking on iPad models that support these features. My Graphing Calculator can now be run in the same screen with another app on iPad devices supporting Split View.
64 bit support, this will improve performance on 64 bit devices if all apps have 64 bit support.
Bug fixes for some bugs that appeared when version 2.0.1 was run on devices with iOS 10.