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Adrian James: 6 Pack Abs

Version: 5.0.2019
Category: Health & Fitness
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Price: $2.99

Based on 229 reviews. (229 reviews)
Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout has become an international sensation. Download the chart-topping app to transform your body and gain a newfound lust for life.

With over one million downloads, and popularised by celebs and sports stars, the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout is the ultimate abdominal routine. You can exercise anytime, anywhere - no equipment and no internet connection required.

Number one in over 50 countries, Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout provides clear video tutorials with an easy-to-follow workout mode to challenge every ability level. Get motivated with the 8-week challenge and earn points for every workout you complete.

Where would you like to be 8 weeks from now? If the answer is "In the best shape of my life", download the app and start today. It’s your body. Take control.

App features include:

• 18 graded exercises to challenge every ability
• Clear video tutorials with audio commentary
• Helpful tips to guide you through each exercise
• Workout mode with randomised levels
• Motivational quotes to spur you on
• Adrian James 8-week challenge
• Absolutely no gym equipment required

Also available:

• Adrian James Bootcamp
• Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training
The ultimate abs workout just got better! With more challenging and responsive workout sessions, plus enhanced design and functionality, you’ll never want to miss another workout.

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